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Hello and welcome to the NFT Investing Substack 👋 I’m Morgan and I got started in the crypto world back in 2016 but NFTs never really caught my eye. Fast-forward to today and I spend more time researching and investing in NFTs than any other digital asset.

That being said, I’m far from being an expert, I still consider myself a total noob, but I’m soaking up as much information as I can. I was talking to a few friends about my adventures in the NFT world and they said - this is so damn interesting, but so confusing, you should share more with people so they can figure out how to get started.

I’ve been writing a blog about investing in digital assets, mostly focused on domain names over at MorganLinton.com for almost fourteen years so I love writing especially about investing in digital assets like NFTs. Both crypto and domain names have changed my life, and I’m thinking NFTs will likely be another life changing experience.

All that being said, if you aren’t familiar with things like MetaMask and OpenSea, don’t know much about Gas fees and the inner-workings of Ethereum, the whole ecosystem can be pretty darn confusing. What I can tell you is that once you learn the basics, you’ll likely uncover the magic that I’ve found in NFTs.

I’ll end it there because this is probably already too long - if you want to learn more about how to get started in investing in NFTs and learning more about what projects are kicking ass and taking names, please subscribe, it’s free so you don’t have much to lose!

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